Why Squamish?  Part 1: Craft Booze Establishments

Most blogs about the best reasons to live in Squamish are about the outdoor lifestyle, and of course, that’s a great reason – we do have skiing of all kinds, mountain biking, water sports, hiking, rock climbing, and more.  

However, the truth is, I’m not really the right person to be talking about those things, because there are others in this town who are hard core with their races and competitions and general extreme effort.  ⛷;)

What if, like me, you’d rather hop on your bike, hit up all the great bars and restaurants in a Squamish food and drink crawl, and arrive back home tipsy enough to crash your bike in the driveway?  Don’t worry; it only happened a few times, and I was only slightly injured.

If so, this is the blog for you…

In today’s post, I’ll break down our BEST local craft booze establishments.  

Let’s start with the cideries:

1) Any trip downtown should include a visit to the Cliffside Cidery.  This is a great place to meet both locals and newer arrivals to town.  In my humble opinion, the cider is the best in Squamish – lots of varieties, not too sweet or too dry.  Liquor and local beer options available as well.  No food, so feel free to bring your own or order in, and the best part is that Fido can come along, too!   Cozy retro interior with a great outdoor patio. 

2) Only a short visit away along the newly revitalized commercial route between downtown, Dentville, and Northyards, make sure you head to Northyards Cidery.  These ciders tend to the drier side, so are hugely popular and a great place to meet up with a group of friends.  Tasty food share options (try the dips!), and other quality menu items, including a hearty mac and cheese that will help continue to keep you upright as you head to your next venue.  https://northyardscider.com/

3) Next along the route is Geo Cidery.  It’s a good complement to the other options in town, because the ciders here are very much on the sweet side.  If you want to try newer and more creative, or more fruit-forward flavours, this is your place.  What really makes Geo worth the visit is the gourmet food – the crab donuts are exceptional, but so is everything else!  Don’t miss the Pemberton beef burger. 

The micro-breweries:

If beer is more your thing, Squamish shines brightly here as well.  Most of these venues are interspersed among the cideries I mentioned above, so you can also hit these along the way, and experience a lot of variety in a concentrated location. 

1) The award-winning Howe Sound Brewery downtown is Squamish’s oldest brewpub, and it’s a can’t miss.  Known for its variety of seasonal and specialty beers, you can fill a growler for a steal of a deal, or enjoy the pub and gorgeous patio overlooking The Chief.  Good pub food, and if you’re lucky, there might be live music or a special event that gives you a glimpse into the locals scene.  

2) My favourite beer in town is at A-Frame Brewing, along Queens Way (Okanagan Lake Cream Ale?  Yes, please).  Lots of family-oriented special activity nights, a great outdoor patio with string lights and firepits, and food trucks to create a fun, social atmosphere.  

3) Backcountry Brewing has made a huge name for itself with its quality beers and spectacular wood-fired pizza (at only $14-17 a pie – try my favourite Forager mushroom truffle masterpiece!).  With a cabin vibe and shared long-tables, you’ll definitely meet some new friends here.  Big tent parties out back for special events, and specialty activities inside.  With Facebook promo ads so hilarious, you’ll want to say hi to the super-fun group of owners, who are almost always on-site.   
The Distilleries:

1) Last on the list for today is Gillespie’s.  Squamish is a great mix of tradition and new, heritage and hipster, young and old.  Gillespie’s manages to capture that vibe perfectly with an old-timey interior, classic cocktails, paired with sophisticated urban trends.  Specializing in gin, you can also get other current faves like a Moscow Mule, a Dark & Stormy, and more.  
https://gillespies-fine-spirits.myshopify.com/(website partially under development)

These are our local craft establishments producing quality product right here in Squamish.  Make sure you check them out, even if you prefer to enjoy some leisurely visits over time.   

However, I haven’t even scratched the surface, when you consider all the other great pubs in town that also serve quality food and drink.  Stay tuned for my next blog, which will focus on our excellent variety of pubs and bars.

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