Why Squamish? Part 2: Pubs and Drinking Establishments

In Part 1, I covered the craft scene here in Squamish – cideries, distilleries, and micro-breweries, all within easy biking distance across town.  Hope you’ve had a chance to try them out! Today, I’m giving a little love to our local establishments where you can hang out, go for happy hour, enjoy a great patio, and have some pub food with ‘mainstream’ drinking options.  Some are classified as restaurants, but we’ll focus first on patios and happy hours, and I’ll leave best food options to the next post.  

Match Eatery and Public House 
Let’s start on the South side of town.  It can be easy to forget about Chances casino, but there’s a lot to like here.  

First and foremost, hands down the best happy hour in town – bring some friends!  $4 food and drink specials 3-6 and 9-close every day, plus half price wine that makes a bottle less than what you’d pay at the liquor store.  Enjoy a bottle of Kim Crawford rosé on one of the best patios in town (perfect view of The Chief!) for $17.  

Date nights, kids night specials, parties and events, and a good brunch menu.   

I’ll admit to a guilty pleasure, which is going to UFC fight nights when there’s a big name – why pay up to $100 to Pay-Per-View at home, when you could have a great night out?  Play a few slots, and switch up your usual Squamish routine.   

The Backyard 
The Backyard is a new addition to Squamish, and is the only pub in Valleycliffe.  Reasonably priced food and drink, along with a comfy vibe and an outdoor patio, make this a great option.  Particularly popular with the younger crowd!  https://www.backyardsquamish.com/ 

The Copper Coil
Offering tons of craft and mainstream beer/cider/wine options, The Cajun-inspired Copper Coil has a great view of The Chief, and a sunny open patio.  

Other than Howe Sound (covered in the last blog because of the craft focus), this is really your primary downtown spot.  

Happy Hour 3:30-5:30 Monday to Friday and a weekend wine special.  A great place to run into locals, tourists, and new-to-town! 

The Locavore Bar & Grill
As we move towards the middle of town, The Locavore has great indoor and outdoor seating options, great food and drink, brunch.  Just all-around a terrific place.  

Before 4, the licensed food truck does a similar menu with the same seating options. 

The Shady Tree
Very much a locals place with an après-ski vibe.  Good food and drink (don’t miss the nachos!), with Happy Hour Monday-Friday 3-6, and Toonie Tuesday, with the second burger only $2. 

Boston Pizza
Although it’s easy to forget, this is the closest thing we have to a sports bar, so watch a game inside, or stop by for a beer on the patio.  The lunch specials are a great deal, and it’s a perfect central location. https://bostonpizza.com/en/locations/squamish.html   

Pepe’s Chophouse 
Pepe’s has a great patio and sangria!  I’ll talk about the quality food in the next post. 

Wigan Pier
I’ll talk more about this one later (best fish and chips you’ve ever had), but it needs a mention because it has a lovely patio and is the ONLY place in town you can get a selection of proper Irish/English beers – Smithwicks, Guinness, Harp, Boddington’s, Kilkenny!   

Norman Rudy’s 
Without a doubt, one of the best patios in Squamish – spectacular outdoor space with great views.  The food and drinks are excellent, and there are tons of events and entertainment, including live music.  Don’t miss the avocado fries with lemon aioli! 

Watershed Grill 
Not to slight any of the others, but I’ve left the best for last.  Located in Brackendale on the North side of town, the Watershed has one of the most beautiful patio views you’ll ever see in your life.   

Always busy and with a great energy and vibe, you can sit in to watch the games, or head outside to people- (and wildlife!) watch along the Eagle Run path beside the river.  

Lots of locals and visitors. Live music and events.   The food and drinks are excellent, and this is just about the only place that stocks my favourite Okanagan Spring 1516 lager.   

Lots of specials, but don’t miss the loaded clamato Caesar, the baked brie, or the burger! 

Next up in my ‘Why Squamish?’ series will be restaurants – find out where you can get sushi that’s better and more affordable than anything in Whistler or Vancouver. 

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