Why Squamish? Part 3: Coffee Houses 

If you haven’t already checked it out, my last blog highlighted the many wonderful pubs we have here in Squamish.  If you saw it, you may recall that I was planning to discuss our many fantastic restaurants this time around.

However, I’ll admit that I came back from my trip to Oslo and Northern England about 10 pounds heavier, and not having been able to lose it yet, let’s just say that any further discussions of alcohol or food are going to have to wait.  

Instead, I’m going to delve into another drink near and dear to my heart, which is coffee.  Check hours for these places before you go, as it’s a little all over the map.  

Of course, we have the usual suspects – there are 2 Tim Hortons and 2 Starbucks, which is impressive considering we are a town of about 20,000 (for now!)  

All are very good, but I’ll make special mention of the Starbucks on the South side of town, because on the weekends, with our proximity to the Sea to Sky highway, it’s a high-energy place with a ton of locals and visitors to town.  

Especially fun is people-watching the many motorcyclists and their clubs, who stop in to chat, compare bikes, and do local events (like the annual Squamish Motorcycle Festival).  If you enjoy motorcycles, it’s a fun place to be.  Not a bad idea to order your food and drink in advance with the app, though ;)  

If you have dogs, they’ll be lavished with attention (and possibly may score the bacon off your breakfast sandwich).

Moving on to the smaller / independently owned shops, downtown has a number of options.  

Very popular is the Zephyr Café, which has great coffee, along with lots of healthy food choices and tasty baked goods.  With plenty of raw, vegan, and gluten-free, plus live music, it’s pretty hip.  They keep the most consistent hours, 6:30 a.m. to 11 p.m. every day – Sunday, this is really your only downtown option.  They also have the best patio!  http://www.zephyrcafe.ca/home

Next door is the Sunflower Bakery Café.  With a cheerful, sunny yellow exterior, it has a fun old-timey feel, great coffee, and exceptional baked goods. Day hours only, and closed Sundays. You can sit outside at a couple little tables, and watch the downtown crowd. http://www.sunflowerbakerycafe.com/

A little further is The Ledge Community Coffee House.  Boasting some of the best coffee in town, the baked goods are also really nice, and with the usual healthy twist you can expect in Squamish.  

Featuring local musicians and artists, note that the café is owned and operated by The Rock Church.  So, if you’re looking for Christian community and a place to keep your kids out of trouble, this may be your preferred option.  I’m not religious, so I just enjoy the coffee and the outside tables.  http://theledge.ca/

The Green Olive Market & Café has delicious Italian coffee and food options, especially sandwiches – I’m not really one to eat much meat, but others who do have told me this place has the best spicy Italian meat sandwich they’ve ever had.  

It’s like our very own mini Bosa Foods – take the time to walk around and take in all the beautiful European grocery items, from biscotti to arancini.  The patio is spacious and lovely, and much appreciated if you happen to have your pups with you.  They don’t have a website, but check out (and like!) their Facebook page.  This is really one of my favourite places in town. 

I’m not really a tea person, but I’d be remiss not to mention Lucas Teas – beautiful selection of premium loose-leaf tea to buy in quantity, or just enjoy a single tea right there.  Nice gifts, and I’ve been known to enjoy a freshly-made iced tea while sitting outside at the little table with – you guessed it – my pups.  As I watch my calories, I may be here more often! http://www.lucasteas.com/

1914 – over one street on Second, 1914 truly specializes, and has amazing coffee and select baked goods.  This is the real deal – don’t ask for skinny anything – they only have cream.  How coffee should be enjoyed!  No outside space, but it’s worth it.  No website, but again, make sure to check out and like their Facebook page.  

Caffé Garibaldi – this one in the Squamish Adventure Centre is often forgotten, but they serve locally roasted Galileo coffee from Britannia Beach, along with baked goods, nice sandwiches, and gelato.  Lovely patio with a great view, and inside, a very comfy setting ideal for a business meet-up.  The Squamish Adventure Centre itself has lots of events, interesting things to check out, and is really a fun place to hang out.  https://www.caffegaribaldi.ca/

Cloudburst Café – part of a larger group of commonly-owned restaurants (Locavore Food Truck, Locavore Bar & Grill, and Cloudburst) at the Hub near Garibaldi Village, Cloudburst is a great place to spend time, inside or out – they make a great Chai Soy Latte! https://locavorebarandgrill.com/cloudburst-cafe/

Counterpart Coffee – Delicious coffee prepared with expertise. Picnic-style seating that encourages a bit of chit-chat among the patrons, nice outside space to relax with beautiful sunny views, and great baked goods – my Dad said it was the best banana bread he’d ever had.  https://counterpartcoffee.com/

Fuel & Forest – coffee house with vegan/vegetarian food options – nice atmosphere and a favourite among the roadbikers.  No website, but check out and like their Facebook page.  

Naked Lunch Express – this is the secondary location on Industrial Way (the main restaurant is downtown near Save-On Foods).  Ideal location and a perfect place to stop off after a gym visit in the neighbourhood - really great coffee!  No website, but check out and like their Facebook page.

À Table – As my favourite lunch place in town, this one will make an appearance again in the restaurant section, but I’d be remiss not to mention it here, as it’s a great place to pick up coffee and something delicious, or stay a while – I see groups of local seniors getting together here to have a chat.  No website, but a Facebook page to like.

Bean Around The World – at the farthest north end of town in Brackendale, there is the Bean Around the World, which has great coffee and baked goods, food items, and ice cream.  They have a poster wall outside that helps you keep up with all the local events.  Another favourite for roadbikers on their way through.  https://batwcoffee.com/pages/bean-around-the-world-brackendale

That’s not a full list of places you can get coffee by any stretch, but a good overview of some of the most charming places in town.  Just another of the many little things that make this town such a lovely place to live.  Enjoy!

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