What Makes a GREAT Realtor?

Did you know that at last count there are 80+/- realtors in Squamish?  Not everyone will be active at any given time, but it’s safe to say that there are a lot more people out there working than most clients realize.   

There are some ‘big names’ that are always top of mind, which is in some cases a function of how long someone has been in the business (40+ years for long-time locals, for example), and in other cases, a reflection of how much someone is spending on advertising.    Generally speaking, though, what really drives business for realtors is happy clients, word of mouth, and recommendations.   

So, what are the differentiating factors that lead to that great referral business? 

1)    Communication  

Clients like to be kept in the loop, and so I’m a firm believer that ongoing updates are critical.   A weekly summary of marketing or search efforts is always warranted.  

In addition, specific feedback after key events such as open houses and showings, or the weekly realtor tour, provides reassurance that your representative is ‘on top’ of things, making the effort, and prioritizing YOU!   

I’ll always consider a client’s communication preferences if it happens to be email or text, but a personal phone call is absolutely the best way to stay connected. 

2)    Knowledge 

I’ve been following this market for years, and I enjoy watching trends and analyzing what’s happening – it’s a critical part of providing good advice.   I stay on top of what’s been listed, what’s sold and for how much, market trends both here and elsewhere, forecasts, economics, and more.   

These are the key components to knowing what listing price to recommend, and what purchase price might make sense – my goal is to sell a property for its best price under current market conditions, and help buyers stay safe by not overpaying for a property (unless they make that informed decision to do so). 

3)    Hard Data 

Some realtors go by ‘gut feel’, but I believe that a full analysis is the best way to make sure everyone is on the same page.  With access to fantastic information and data, it would be a real shame not to share it with clients! 

A Comparative Market Analysis, for example, shows all the sales and listings (including prices) for a particular area and time frame.  So much in real estate is rumour and one-upmanship, or what we hear in the media – it really helps to have data to make informed decisions. 

4)    Hustle 

Sometimes the market turns unexpectedly, or things don’t go your way – but, it’s critical that your realtor put in the effort to overcome the challenge.    

I take my responsibility very seriously to provide, among other things: 

a.     the maximum chance to sell your property quickly and at the best price 
b.     the best advice to help you win a property in a multiple bid scenario without overpaying 
c.     the RIGHT property to realize your dreams of home ownership   

There are multiple avenues to get exposure or information, whether it’s marketing sites like www.realtor.ca,
www.rew.ca, Facebook, Instagram, local and non-local media advertising, open houses, direct mail and marketing campaigns, etc.   

I’m tenacious, and I keep at it until the job is done.   

5)    Moral Support  

There may be glitches or unexpected events over the course of a real estate transaction.  However, the best agents remember that for our clients, it’s PERSONAL.  There is a lot of emotion attached to buying and selling a home or an investment property.   

For that reason, I consider helping people through stressful times the most important part of the job.   I put myself in your shoes (and I’ve had the same experiences myself in my own personal real estate dealings) and coach you through to a successful conclusion.    

I take the stress onto my own shoulders to keep it off yours, and no matter what happens, I’ll be as cool as a cucumber while I solve the problem.   

Every realtor has his or her own style.   I’m a pretty analytical person, and generally speaking, not a ‘hard sell’ salesperson.   I support you in making decisions that are right for you.  You may not see my face on the back of a bus; it’s just not my style.   

BUT, I’m more than happy to refer you to my satisfied clients, so they can tell you exactly what it was like to work with me.    They will tell you that I successfully sold their property, and that I sold it for at least list price – my track record in that regard is 100%.   They will tell you that it was a smooth process where I managed the stressors and solved problems.  They will tell you that they were able to buy the right property at the right price.   You have my commitment that I’ll work to provide you the same positive experience.   

My last few deals have been as buyers agent.  The new rules in BC for the protection of consumers ensure that on every transaction, one agent works for the buyer, while another works for the seller.  I LOVE helping buyers, as it’s my fun opportunity to live vicariously through great clients who are getting to acquire amazing properties.   

However, the challenge for a realtor who may be doing a lot of work as a buying agent is to keep his or her name out there while having fewer listings signs out on lawns.    

Real Estate is a relationships business.  It may be that some of the names you hear a little less often are just doing amazing work for buyers!   

If you know a great agent who does quality work for buyers, but also has a knack for selling homes, that agent will be incredibly grateful for your word of mouth recommendation that keeps his or her name top of mind for other potential clients.  Thank you! 

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